love yourself first

Emma. 21. UK

body positive, runner, lifter.

I have exercise induced asthma - for some reason I've always been embarrassed to admit it, so I'm putting it up here to remind myself it doesn't matter.

I post a lot puppies.

I also have a really bad case of wanderlust.


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The word ‘cellulite’ (and the concept for that matter) was MADE UP. It was first used in the ’20s to advertise Spa and Beauty products. It was all an advertising ploy guys. ‘Cellulite’ is just literally just ‘subcutaneous fat’. Fat stored under the skin. (wow diet culture, where else am I going to…

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People who have a superiority complex based on their enjoyment of vintage music or books are some of the most annoying people in the world and if I ever hear you ridiculing someone just because they may not enjoy listening to the beatles whilst reading to kill a mockingbird and sipping a cup of hibiscus green tea i will literally come to your house and staple your nipples to your elbows 


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