love yourself first

ॐ Emma. 21. UK ॐ

body positive, runner, lifter.

I have exercise induced asthma - for some reason I've always been embarrassed to admit it, so I'm putting it up here to remind myself it doesn't matter.

I post a lot puppies.

I also have a really bad case of wanderlust.


Nick Bateman
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you're gorgeous :)

Excuse me, says you!!

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If I had to explicitly describe my ideal man, it’d 100% be Nick Bateman. I literally wouldn’t change a thing about him and I am definitely in love. Aesthetically, obviously.


I’ve been on a smoothie bender lately, and here is my latest creation - a coconut cream and raspberry swirl milkshake! It’s a classic flavour combination that looks (and tastes!) beautiful too 🍒🍎🍓
To make the raspberry layer, blend one ripe banana, a cup of unsweetened plant milk, a cup of frozen raspberries, and half a cup of crushed ice with a few drops of vanilla extract until smooth and well combined. Pour into a jar, then rise your blender and make the coconut layer by blending one ripe banana, half a cup of coconut cream or milk, half a cup of unsweetened plant milk, half a cup of crushed ice, and a few drops of vanilla extract until creamy and pale. Pour into the same jar, stir to get the pretty marbled effect, then top with extra raspberries and coconut chips if you so desire.
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Not that I’d ever post a pic, but I have great boobs. Thought you might like to know.

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Stirfried vegetables with sweet chilli and soy sauce
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